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1.Why using ingot? 

You don't need to prepare a bunch of scrap and additive alloys. You are going to have ingot 1.5MT / one pallet which takes you 1 meter square area only. Less preparation of scrap and alloys means saving lots of money. The extension benefit is saving your storage area.


2.Expected delivery?

We will ship about a month after we received down-payment.


3.What's package?

Professional export package wrap with plastic paper and skid underneath.


4.Can I ask for specific specs?

Yes. We can produce by customer's request.


5.How long it takes to get feedback of inquiry?

 It usually takes 12 hours, we will respond you as soon as possible.


6.Can I ask some sample?

Yes, please email us your company information. We will get back to you shortly.   


7.Can products be customized?

Definitely, please email us for more information.